Consumer2Consumer (C2C)

People on-the-go are challenged with the task of paying other individuals for their obligations. It could entail contributing their share of the tab at lunch, transferring funds to a relative for train fare, or covering the cost of a music lesson after school. Tisha offers a secure way for them to make C2C payments instantly, without the trouble of cash.

(C2B for Brick & Mortar)

Tisha enables consumers to pay at the register directly via their smartphone. The funds are made available to the business instantly. Whether someone is picking up a few vegetables at the last-minute from a local grocer, saying "Congratulations" with a dozen roses from the little flower shop by the office, or sipping that first cup of coffee from the corner café – Tisha offers a secure way for them to make C2B payments instantly, without the trouble of cash or PoS terminals.

(C2B for eCommerce)

Consumers making purchases on web-shops can avoid complex payment processes and the risk of credit card fraud by using Tisha’s C2B for eCommerce. They enjoy features like Payment Confirmation, Member History and Refunds/In-store credits. And each transaction is logged for accounting so that businesses understand the velocity of their money.

International Payments

According to the World Bank Group, 3.4% of the world population lives abroad. That percentage alone in 2017 sent $600 billion in remittances across borders, at an average cost of 7.2%. Tisha offers a secure way to make C2Remittance payments at a fraction of the average cost and instantly.

Value across the board.

Each service area benefits from Tisha’s handling of refunds, receipts and loyalty programs.

Tisha’s platform enables merchants to refund consumers immediately, rather than the traditional wait of 3-5 business days.
Tisha’s digital receipt provides consumers with an itemized record of a purchase, the VAT, the time it was stamped, and, of course, the warrantee information/conditions.

Tisha keeps track of loyalty points and the value amount used per purchase, making it easy to pay for goods and services. Loyalty points can also be exchanged within the network.


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