Creating value through innovation.

Tisha’s secure approach to payments helps banks, businesses and consumers with innovative back-end architecture and customized user experience design.

Helping banks serve their customers with one API.

Banks can offer their customers a secure payment channel for instant transactions, reducing the number of intermediaries. Whether a customer is a business, non-profit or a private individual — Tisha provides each bank with a secure and immutable ledger, integrated with its respective national eID. List of benefits include:
  • Open API banking
  • No intermediaries
  • Retain customer relevancy
  • Avoid fraud by validating both sides of a transaction

Instant payments made easy for consumers.

Consumers can send and receive money instantly with Tisha. Whether they are at their favorite store, shopping online, working abroad and sending money to relatives, paying their share of the tab after a wonderful dinner with friends, or paying a bill or taxes — Tisha ensures that each transaction is instant, secure and easy to validate.
  • Send and receive money instantly via a mobile phone
  • Funds available 24/7
  • No risk for fraud or theft
  • Comfortable and time-saving service
  • Payment history, receipts, warrantees, loyalty points in one place

Optimizing cash flow for businesses.

By integrating with Tisha, businesses can send and receive money instantly. The cost of cash has led to a dramatic increase in cashless payments. Nevertheless, many cashless payment services are slow and expensive. Whether it’s a matter of accepting payments from consumers in a physical store, restaurant or webshop — Tisha provides business owners with a comprehensive view of each transaction in real-time.
  • Instant refunds, rather than 3-5 days back on your card
  • A comprehensive view of each transaction in real-time
  • Faster way of processing PoS payments
  • Instant supply-chain payments (domestic & x-border)
  • Saves cost of intermediaries
  • Secure (smart contracts)


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